The Events Calendar Doesn’t Display Today’s Event on Upcoming Events Page

We’ve seen this issue a couple times on a few different sites. It seems to come and go and is always a major issue when it happens. The Events Calendar plugin will stop displaying today’s event on the upcoming events page and move it to the past events page which leads to chaos if you’re in the process of promoting that event. Here is a simple fix to correct this problem, remember to update this code each time you upgrade the plugin.

On line 15 of this file:

Replace this:

const DBDATETIMEFORMAT = 'Y-m-d G:i:s';

With this:


Check out this comments...

  1. Thanks for posting this solution. However, please put a date on the post as well as version number of the plugin. My version of the plugin (2.0.10) doesn’t have that line of code on line 15 of the-events-calendar.class.php (or any other location). I suspect that there have been a few updates since you posted this. I am still having this problem, however, and I would love to find a solution that works for my version.


  2. Beth on November 16th, 2012

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